How to Buy Women’s Handbags

Firstly we need to establish what the Women’s bag or Women’s handbags are to be used for. As Women’s handbags come in different shapes, sizes, quality and different material. The size of the handbag can be categorized in the following way, Day Handbag use, Casual Handbag use, Elegant Handbag use and General African handbag use.

Day Handbags would be a handbag that is used to take to work, it should be big enough to hold much, yet comfortable enough to carry around the whole day. As this bag would properly contain anything from make-up personal hygiene stuff, and a purse or wallet containing documents, ID, credit cards paper documents like bills that need to be paid. This is also the bag that will be over her shoulder so that her hands are still free to do over things or carry other shopping bags. So this bag will definitely have an over the shoulder holster. As this handbag might also we used to take to work it should be a quality handbag. Quality meaning more durable there for it should be leather, or a good imitation leather bag. The imitation leather bags are really not long lasting as they will wear thin for being handled so much, so in this case it would be wise to go for leather. It will also contain dividers, to make it easier to find things in the handbag. Generally it would also be a good to choose a bag that is wider and not deeper, as there is nothing more frustrating than going fishing in your handbag, and still having to remove half its contains before you find your keys.

Casual Handbags one would use only for fun days, or routine days. Again this handbag will contain all the same elements that the Day handbag will have, so containing more bills or paper work, or none at all for the fun day. This handbag can take on all the sizes and shapes to match one’s taste or clothing. This is a fun bag. Let’s take this bag shopping to the movies to the park. This handbag can be use to contain extra clothing, yet small enough not to be bulky, just small objects like a t-shirt or an extra pair of panties, or tooth brush and paste, or children’s items, a small toy, diaper and wipes. This bag can also be a funky handbag small and colorful, or fashion handbag, wholesale that are so popular with teenagers. The lady generation will be using colorful material combinations that are also elegant. All depending how you have dressed for your fun or routine day.

Elegant handbags can be described in two different categories. Elegant day outfit, sharp and sleek, fashionable and expensive. One for evening wear, high fashion evening dresses. This handbag is usually small and doesn’t contain much at all, maybe a lipstick and make-up and tissue, emergency cash or credit card. This bag does not have an over the shoulder holster, It’s the original hold in your hand, handbag. This handbag is always making a statement, as it will complement everything else that is going on, the shoes the gloves the outfit.

General handbags are just what it says it’s general, here the expression bag is used more than handbag, if it’s biggish it’s a bag. This might be your beach bag your kiddy bag your shopping bag. They are usually big bags. Material or plastic quality maybe even washable. It’s the overnight bag it’s the big handbag you take on a plane to stuff as much as possible into. It will also have and over the shoulder holster to help with the weight.


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